Notary Public in England and Wales and Certified Translator

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Notary and Certified Translator
Marco Boldini is a notary in England and Wales and an expert speaker at international round tables, was named by the magazine Legal 500 UK as one of the rising stars in the legal sector for the year 2017.

From October 2018 to July 2020, he held the position of Honorary Consul in Liverpool.

In 2019 Marco Boldini won the prestigious award “Individual of the Year financial services regulatory sector” by Legal 500. Marco has been selected amongst 70,000 lawyers across UK


A Notary prepares, witnesses or certifies documents going abroad. Often a document will have been prepared by a foreign lawyer. They include powers of attorney, sworn statements, contracts, property papers and certificates of law. Documents which are handled by a Notary are referred to as“notarial acts”. These may be in public or private form – the latter largely confined to witnessing signatures. An act in public form is required where a Notary confirms facts which he or she has verified personally. Notaries must verify for each client their identity, legal capacity and understanding of the document as well as their authority if signing on behalf of another party such as a limited company. As qualified lawyers, Notaries may also carry out all other types of legal work apart from litigation (court work). This is similar to the position of continental Notaries who operate under the civil law system. Accordingly, Notaries here may handle property transactions, make wills and administer the estates of someone who has died.
(The Notaries Society)

This office offers the additional service of Legalisation with Apostille at the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

Legalisation with Apostille at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office is a process of authenticating documents issued in one country and intended for use in another country. The apostille is a certificate issued by the government office of the country issuing the document, attesting to the authenticity of the document itself. In the UK, the office responsible for issuing the apostille is the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. The process of legalisation with apostille is often required for legal documents, such as contracts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and university certificates, that need to be presented in another country and notarial certificates produced by our firm.

The office

Notary services in London and Liverpool

Boldini’s Firm provides notary services, apostille, legal advice and translations in its offices in London and Liverpool.

Upon request, we assist our clients at our offices (London or Liverpool – Oriel Chambers, 14 Water Street)

Our offices are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm and Saturday from 9.00am to 12.30pm.

Marco Boldini is responsible for the activities carried out, however the ordinary conduct of relations with customers could be entrusted by the support staff who work for the firm.


Marco Boldini and his team of professionals are always at the forefront to offer an efficient service from every point of view. A guarantee of experience and constant updating in the provision of notary services, apostille, legal advice and certified translations.

Marco Boldini


350 +

Annual degrees

250 +

General and special powers of attorney

300 +
Corporate documents and resolutions

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Unique quickly and availability

Surprising the quickly of response to each question and processing of the requested files (in my case a power of attorney). Added value undoubtedly the consulting aspect, fundamental for the complexity that certain issues have in the eyes of those who do not know this world.



A professional study where the keyword is Efficiency. From the first contact I immediately had a great impression and expectations were met great. Not only in the excellent service offered for the needs exposed, but for a continuous activity of assistance and updating performed spontaneously by the study!


Process Simplification

An office of professionals always available and efficient The ability with which the team was able to simplify bureaucratic processes that for me represented a complex obstacle to understand and overcome left me speechless.



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